A Adventure To The ButterFlies

Hi Friends:Yesterday we went to a butterfly 🦋 Zoo. Oh my gosh it was so cute and fun….the butterflies were all over me… lol. It is called:Butterfly Wonderland. This place was like you were in a garden or a jungle. I recommend you all to sometime visit this cute place…it was worth it.


Birthday Party ideas

Hi Friends:if you have a birthday coming up like me and thinking of themes you can do a country, bonfire and western party and a British tea party? I recommend you dressing up like a royal Britt for your tea party and the western a country girl and cowboy. I think these party ideas will be fun to do at home and don’t forget country music or any music and games you don’t want to get bored.

Baby News For Princess Eugenie & Jack Broosbanks

Well:This morning Princess Eugenie has given birth to a handsome little boy. Welcome to the world little prince. The prince doesn’t have a name yet but we will know later soon. Aurther is a popular royal name,prince Charles and prince William has that name for their middle name and prince princess Diana’s second and last son,prince Williams brother is named Prince Henry he goes by Harry and his sons name is Archie. And Prince William has 2 sons his elder son Prince Goerge and his second kid a daughter is named princess Charlotte and is youngest son is Louis(prince Louis) What name do you think Princess Eugenie and Prince Jack should they name their new born son? Let’s help them out to pick a name their first baby (child).

The Sound Of Music Actor:Christopher Plummer

I say this with heavy hearts that the beloved Sound Of Music Actor Christopher Plummer has passed away at the age of 91 today. The cause of his death was from a fall…..a blow to the head. the Sound Of Music is my all time favorite movie..it has been my favorite movie since I was little and Lisel is my favorite character. May Christopher Rest In Peace and these are all the awards he has gotten and for. Christopher was truly a legend. Christopher Plummer you did a great job playing Captin Von Trapp.

Samantha Brown:The Queen Of Travel

Hi Friends:if you are looking for a place to vacation this year or maybe the next few years due to Covid,I recommend watching Samantha Brown on travel channel …..as you probably know about Samantha Brown the travel channel star. She is the queen of vacation. Samantha has been all over the world. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and look at her YouTube channel for more great ideas and travel trips. She’s been to:London:England,Paris:France ,and the Hawaii islands and even Phoneox Arizona and she’s one of my fave travel guides/reality stars. She’s a amazing travel person.

Animated Animals On Netflix

Hi Friends:Animated movies are a great way to escape reality. The Croods,Animal Crackers,Rango and Leap are all great movies. I recommend you my friends to see them and if you have seen them all, that’s ok because again they are all awesome and very funny movies. And everyone loves a Jonny Depp movie…hello:he was in,Rango,Alice In WonderLand live action and Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and Elle Fanning who played Auora in Maleficent was in Leap .

My Arizona Adventures

Hi Friends: I had quite a weekend and great start of the week:I went to Tombstone, which is a real place and you might know that there’s also a movie called Tombstone. I bought a very cute cowgirl hat in Tomestone. There’s a horse wagon you can take for tours. It’s very much a country town and we saw a great show. We also went to the zoo and they have a beautiful garden and of course the animals. At the restaurant that’s in the zoo I had prickly pear lemonade and after the zoo we had dinner at a yummy Italian dinner. Arizona is absolutely beautiful.

Saint Patrick’s Day:OutFit,Makeup And HairStyles #2

Hi Friends:I know it’s not spring yet but,I would love to help you with your hair and makeup and fashion for the event Saints Patrick’s Day. You can do colors and patterns in all different ways. I think what you see here is a example for how you can put green in your outfits,hair and even nails and makeup. You will become the leprechauns Queen. Lol!!! ☘️

valentines Day/Heart Day OUtFit,Hair And MakeUp #3

Hi Friends: well it’s February 1st and that means it’s heart month. Everyone knows that red, white and pink are Valentine’s Day colors. So a white dress,a red dress and a pink dress is perfect. I think all of these outfits are perfect and Selena Gomez has the perfect hairstyle and makeup for hearts day. All of these outfits are adorably cute that any girl/women would love to ware them and a black and is always sexy and classy. Everyone knows that pink ,red and white are pink are Valentine’s Day colors so theses dresses are perfect….Happy Hearts day.