Birthday Girl Up In Her 20’s & Up Outfit,Hair&MakeUp#2



Well, it’s that time again. My Birthday is next month on the 23rd of February. And I will be busy parting. I’m thinking of going to see Frozen the musical in Seattle and then have a Buca De Beppo Italian birthday dinner on my birthday. Buca De Beppo is the best Italian restaurant ever and it’s my favorite. So my friends: I’m here to show you what to wear for this special occasion. This is what I came up with. For hair,makeup and outfits. My brother and his family is coming to visit in February.  I’m thinking of going bowling too with my brother and his wife and kids. They are leaving for home in California the day before my birthday. All this hair,makeup and outfits are beautiful and perfect for a birthday at a play and Italian restaurant or any other place special for a birthday. I hope this helps you out with what to do with hair,makeup and outfits for a birthday. I can’t wait to show you pictures of my birthday and what I will do for hair,makeup and outfits. Take care my friends. Hope you all love this post. For more birthday hair,makeup and outfits please check out my other young adult birthday girl post. Please and thank you. Love,Kristy
P.S. last year I went to Queen Mary and it was fun drinking tea like a royal, but I think this year I think going to a play and then a Italian restaurant will be a blast. I will be 29 years old.


The Day I picked up My Gracie

Hi Friends: Tomorrow is the the day that I got to pick up my Gracie in 2016. She’s my whole life. She’s the sweetest dog you could ever meet. She is my service dog. She’s four years old. She has a very fun and sweet personality. I wore to pick her up a soft tan color sweater and jeans. The picture of me and Gracie with the bow Gracie’s wearing is my favorite because , because it’s the cutest. I love my shirt and jeans in that picture. I also love the deck picture of Gracie with the flowers and the sea hawks jerseys that I’m wearing and my family and we even bought Gracie a Sea Hawk jersey for her. I hope you all love this post as much as I do. Dogs are a mans best friend but can also be a girls best friend.



Books and Fashion


Hi Friends good morning:I want you all to know that reading books can be fashion too. Belle is a book lover and she sees the good in every one and so do  I. I love reading books and I do see the good in people like she does. Princess Belle teaches the beast that books are beautiful and magical and amazing. So he suddenly changes his spoiled ways and turns into sweet and charming prince. I think it was the sweetest thing that the beast gave the library to Belle. So the library is hers to keep. The Beast/Prince Adam enjoys Belles reading to him. And when Belle reads to the sheep,the sheep gets into the story too. I don’t know if you notice that Kate Middleton:Duchess Of Cambridge is like the real princess Belle. And here’s why Kate Middleton is Belle from beauty and the beast:they wear a lot of the same color dresses and their hairstyles are similar and have the same color hair. Kate Middleton has the best fashion and it’s totally my style. Lauren Conrad is a fashion icon as well. So you see books is fashion. Thank you my friends. I hope you love this post and take care. Love,Kristy❤️🎀🥰📖📚😍😘💝💕




Shower Bench At Hotels

Hi My Friends: I know I’m a fashion blogger, but I want to share with you all that when I go on trips I have a chair or bench for the shower that is on top. And these chairs are kinda hard to use. I used one in Hawaii that was to small it was very hard to sit on. I had a wood shower bench for a while but not anymore because I felt un safe so we got one with the gray arms on the side. It works so much better. So I hope this post helps you with what kind of bench to use at hotels for you if you have a disability or a family with a disability. I have had a shower that is easy to get out and in of but most of the time it’s just a regular shower tub and those are really hard to get into and out of.

Sick In Bed


Hi my friends 

Hope you are all well:Well guess what I’m sick with a cold that my niece in Hawaii gave me great!! I lost my voice at the airport going home. Thankfully it’s back. I feel like Ariel quiet a lot and that day I did feel like Ariel because I have a hard time walking and I lost my voice that day . LOL. But I’m doing my best to get through this. Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Princesses. I’m here to help you all what to if any of you girls get sick:First take a hot steamy shower every other day or every day if your up to it. That’s how the junk in your throat and nose and head goes away. When Im not feeling good my tone and walking in my body is down always and that’s because it really effects me. Make sure to drink tea,eat soup and sleep. That’s the best medicine for a cold. So please my friends take care of yourself always. Chow!!! P.S.Please pray for me. Thank you!!!! And watching movies makes you feel better always. Especially Disney and comedy movies!!!! And your pets especially dogs know when you get sick, they take care of you. Just be careful when you are around them , because they can catch the bug you have and you as a pet owner don’t want them to get sick just like children. My Gracie was so sweet she was watching over me on New Year’s Eve.

Hawaii Christmas Outfit

Hi my friends:I’m back from Hawaii. I came home last night. I hope you’re Christmas was lovely as well. I went to a luau for Christmas Eve dinner and it was tasty. I wore this beautiful white floral dress to the luau. I wore a lot of dresses and went to see dolphins at a water park like a aquarium . I love dolphins,we went to a dolphin show it was pretty cool and amazing. So yes my friends I can say I had some fun. I love wearing my white dress and blue dress. I even brought my lab dog ornament I was like my lab dog Gracie was with me. The show at the luau was amazing incredible and fun to see especially maybe because it was a Christmas Eve dinner . I hope you all love this post as much as I do. Lol!!!! Please do me a favor: I caught my nieces cold and when I’m not feeling good my whole tone is down in my body. Can you  please pray for me.  So my lovely friends:I hope you all love my post and hope you are all well. Happy New Year!!!




Wedding Guest dresses, hair and makeup

Hi My Friends

It’s winter but it will be wedding season again. This is what I wore to weddings. I went to a Cousin of mine wedding and friends wedding. These dresses were very cute and fun to wear. Weddings are the most funniest celebrations ever and all of this choices are the cutest and prettiest for wedding girl guests without outshining the bride.  Weddings are fun. So have fun picking out dresses and shoes girls. Chow.