Thanksgiving Outfit, Hair And Makeup#2

Hi My Friends

Happy Thanksgiving my friends… for this thanksgiving I’m wearing:Jeans,Ugg boots a black and white  plaid shirt with brown stripes. This outfit is very comfortable and cute and very thanksgivingish. I added a sweater around my neck to make the outfit a little more cute. If you have a girl dog you can put a yellow, red, orange or brown or green bow to make her a little more festive.





Hi My Friends 

I don’t  know if you have heard about the FaceRoller. My mom bought it for her but  I used it today because I was getting a tension headache. I used it for 2 to 4 minutes and I feel a little better. I’m thinking of getting one myself. The FaceRoller is great for frown lines and winkles. This little tool is a magic wand. You can probably get it at:Sephora,Ulta or anywhere you can think of. You can take it in your purse and put it in a little travel makeup bag or leave it by your bed. I hope this post helps you girls with inspiration for your headaches,Beauty routines and winkles.




Shampoo For Blonde Highlights





Hi Friends:My mom colored my hair and I use: not your mothers toner purple shampoo.  I  use this shampoo for brassy tones from shimmer lights for blonde highlights if they’re too red. But I’ve been using not your mothers toner purple shampoo. It’s more for blonde highlights. The difference is that shimmer Lights is for gray hair and blonde highlights. I use go blonder shampoo by John Frieda for highlights too. I switch off.  I’ve never used it’s a 10 blonde shampoo and Blonde Sexy Hair before but I do someday want to use it,if I can find them in the stores. So if you’re looking for a toner I recommend the not your mothers toner purple shampoo and shimmer lights toner shampoo for gray hair.  Younger girls: you are welcome to by and use the shimmer lights purple toner shampoo ,but I recommend the not your mothers toner purple shampoo for your blonde highlights. I like it better. The girl on top used the not your mothers toner purple shampoo and the picture on the bottom and the before and after picture used the shimmer lights purple toner shampoo. Please look at the picture of my hair and tell me what you think? Please and thank you. Just to let you all  know, my hair is a little red on top because of the Not Your  Mother’s Shampoo , the not your mothers toner purple shampoo can make it red so please be carful how many times you use Not Your Mother’s Shampoo.  
















Halloween 👻 🎃 Costume #2

Hi Friends

Well it’s that time of year again:Last night I went to a Halloween party at my neighbors. And I went as a Lady Buccaneer. I loved my lady buccaneer 🏴‍☠️  pirate costume. For the hair I used John Frieda go blonder and not your mother’s toner purple shampoo to get my beautiful blonde highlights pop. I watched:The Pirates Of The Caribbean for inspiration for hair and makeup. I asked my mom to curl my hair like Elizabeth Swan hair from the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean. I have to say that this costume was very fun to play with. So my friends have fun at a Halloween party if you’re going to one and remember it’s Halloween time so have fun playing with hair and makeup. Enjoy my little crew!!!! Like a pirate says ARRRRRR!!!!


HorseBack Riding Outfit #2



Hi Friends:I’m happy to say that I got to ride Romeo this Thursday. And oh boy I can feel the work out. And I walked really good after the workout. Any way to the fashion:I wore for Hippotherapy:A turtleneck sweater ,a vest, black jeans that are very light material and my cowgirl boots and helmet. Riding outside in the beautiful sunshine ☀️ was so much fun. It was scary once Romeo started to move but I felt more relaxed once I was riding along. I’ve been riding horses since I was three years old. So my friends I’m doing great,Hippotherapy is like yoga on a horse. I went back  to the chiropractor this Tuesday instead of Thursday and my head is doing better and so is my walking. 🐴❤️🥰🌲😍😉




What To Wear To DisneyLand








Hi Friends:I love going to Disney land. I got to meet Ariel on April 7th 2017. She’s one of my favorite princesses because I have a hard time walking like she she’s like some one I look up too. And I love Belle a lot because I do love to read books a lot and I do see the kindness in people like she does. I met rapunzel first time in October 4th and she was very sweet too.  I even met Ariana Grande… hahahahaha just kidding, it’s not Ariana Grande she was just a Disney land visiter who looks like Ariana Grande. She was a very sweet girl. I would love to work there Disney land or Disney world and be a Disney Princess like princess Belle. But mostly work in Disney land because it’s closer to where I live.  The character that I was afraid of was goofy hahahahaha. This is what I wore for the trip to Disney land. I would recommend wearing :tank tops, t shirts , shorts and walking sandals or tennis shoes and you can by t shirts there in the parks. I bought a Cinderella t shirts and my very first Minnie year. I bought them when they had the 60th anniversary.  It’s very hard for me to walk for long walking and you probably all know that walking is a lot of work in Disney land and Disney world ,so I have a wheelchair and it helps a lot for long lines for the rides and parades and fireworks. It makes the trip more enjoyable. I did used my walker once for Disney land and boy it was hard but I liked walking in the park first time.  I’ve been to Disney land a bunch a times but once for Christmas. I loved the Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. I’ve been to Disney world once. I’ve never taken a Disney cruise line. I think that would be fun. So friends:I recommend these outfits and enjoy your Disney vacation!!!

What To Wear At A Pumpkin 🎃 Patch






Hello Friends :Well it’s October 1st and that means 🎃pumpkins!!! Yay!!!! I love the smell of pumpkin pie. And who doesn’t like going to the pumpkin patch and picking out your pumpkin. This was October,27 2017 and I wore jeans,a pretty purple scarf,a sweater and boots. Purple is one of my favorite colors. On October 19,2018 I went to the Chiropractor in Seattle because I got a stiff neck and I wore this plaid shirt. Again:The black checker board print is everywhere for this year fall. It was great to see my best friend for lunch after the adjustment. Dressing up for this event doesn’t mean fancy. I recommend:Plaid shirts,Jeans or yoga pants, boots or cowgirl boots and sweaters, remember pumpkin patches are enjoyable and casual so girls enjoy your fun field trip and feel,free, be cozy and enjoy yourself picking out your pumpkin.