Football Outfit,Hair & Make Up

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This was a few years and  if you are planning to go to a football game this fall and wondering what hairstyles and outfits to wear and your on this website,then your at the right place:My team is the Seattle SeaHawks, so I wear my jersey , sweatshirt or team colors. You can put your hair in a braid or down like the sea gals. They did have this sea gals outfits. I don’t remember exactly when I meet them I think it was the year before last year, I don’t remember, but they were so sweet and kind. It was awesome and cool when I met them.


Nature & Feeling Beautiful




This was July 5th 2018 and I went to the zoo with my family. It was so much fun. I love going to the zoo when the weather is nice and when it’s not too hot. I was wearing a floral tank,Jean shorts and sandals. I love being outdoors in the summertime. I feel better and beautiful outdoors when it’s hot. I was feeding a bird bird feeder.






This was in July 2018 and I was blue berry picking and it was beautiful you can totally wear dresses and a hat for berry picking.











This was my trip in Hawaii at Disney Alauni in February and Hawaii is a beautiful place for being in nature. Nature is beautiful and makes you feel beautiful. I celebrated my birthday early their because I was visiting my sister and her family. It was so much fun. It was my very first time there at Disney Alauni. I loved the beach and seeing tropical plants and flowers and palm trees.  So yes the outdoors and vacation is fashion and beauty!!! LOL!!! 😂❤️😍💕🥰😘☀️🌺💝🍃🌿🌷🌹🍍🌴


Excerise Is Fashion & Beauty



Hi Friends 

As you know most people don’t know is that excerise is beauty yes that’s right. Dealing with Cerebral Palsy is hard, but that doesn’t make me stop loving fashion and makeup. Last November I broke my pinky toe and I had to be in a wheelchair. It was very hard to be in a wheelchair,I was sad about it but I know God has this and he helped get through it. I stil felt beautiful. Katrina and Karena are my idols. So yes girls excerise is beautiful. Us girls feel beautiful inside and out when we feel like we don’t.

Spring and Summer Highlights






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It’s Spring and summer is around the corner and everybody knows that spring and summer are the hair dyeing seasons. I have brown hair and I love coloring my hair especially by the sun naturally coloring my hair. I love JoJo Fletcher hair color from abc’s the Bachelorette. But if you want more choices of natural hair color of blonde tones here they are. I hope you love all these hair color choices as much as I do!!! For more lovely hair corloring highlights please follow me on Pinterest. Please and thank you. Take care hair coloring beauties!!!


Spring/Summer 2019 Colors and Fashion










Hi, Friends

If  you don’t know what colors and styles of clothes are in well welcome to my blog!!! Corals,orange, green yellows are in this season and blue is is always in . These outfits is what I think are adorable and these nail colors and designs will pop along with your cute colors of clothes!!! You’ll be the summer babe of the summer!!!! If you’re looking for more ideas you can definitely follow me on Pinterest!!!! And beach waves are always in season. Katrina Scott And Karena Dawn are pro excerise women and I found out about then a few months back ago and they’re beautiful and helping me with my cyberal Palsy like to keep me to do my stretches and bike and stepper machine I recently. So I admire them and you too can do the same.  They’re bffs who are mazing and I love them. 







High School Reunion:Hairstyles,Makeup&Outfits

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My 10 Year high school reunion is coming next year and it’s my first high school reunion and I’m excited about it!!! So I’m here to help you lovely young beautiful women with what you need to wear for:Hair,makeup and style at this special event,if you have a high school reunion coming up. So start with a gorgeous dress,beautiful hair and stunning makeup. I love all these choices of fashion ,makeup and hairstyle looks. You will  be the princess of your reunion!!! So my friends enjoy yourselves at your reunion and remember that your high school reunion is special because you’ll see all of your school friends again and they know you so well. So have a great time at the reunion. Take care. Chow!!!