Princess Kate:Beauty & Fashion

Princess Kate is the most beloved people in the world. She’s a fashionista. When she was young she was a tomboy but now she is beautiful but I think she doesn’t need makeup. She’s a natural beauty.. I take fashion and makeup tips from her for everything. I love her!!!!!😍 👸🏻 If you’re a fan please follow me on Pinterest,I made a princess Kate beauty and fashion board!!!!! She rewore this green dress from 2012 and 2018. She’s my role model.



Hairstyles & Outfits for baking in the kitchen


Hi Friends


What I love the most about Christmas is the baking,so I thought of helping you out by:Put your hair in a braid or ponytail or leave it down, wear sweaters or sweatshirts  paired with black pants or jeans. I love the smell of baking because it’s the smell of Christmas 🎄 Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the cookie smell and Christmas ingredients like:Gingerbread & Peperment!!! Having your friends 👭  and family 👫 makes it more fun!!!!





Christmas Holiday Make Up ,HairStyles & Outfits







Hi Friends

I’m back!!! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!!! 🤗🦃 Now that Thanksgiving is over I thought of helping you out with what to wear and what hairstyles and makeup looks to do. I love the light pinks, light blue, whites and red for Christmas outfits . These beautiful makeup looks and hairstyles are perfect for Christmas. 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻  Mrs. Clause will be jealous and Santa will say Ho ho ho!!! LOL!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!! If you have Pinterest please look me up and follow me for more great beauty and fashion ideas!!!!








Outfits and hairstyles for decorating the Christmas tree and your house

Everyone knows that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday so I thought of helping you out with what outfits and hairstyles you should wear for decorating your house:wear comfy clothes like sweaters or sweatshirts and comfy black pants!! Wear light color of makeup so it looks natural and like your not wearing any makeup. Decorate your living room with the Christmas tree,stockings and your nativity!! You’re house will look beautiful as beautiful as your makeup and outfits.





Long Car Ride OutFit & Activities


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If you’re planning or going on a road trip, I thought of helping you out what outfits,hairstyles and activities to do and here they are:You’ll need to first wear sweat pants or soft black pants. Then grab a blanket,books, head phones,dvd players,pandora music on your phone or I pad and movies. You can definitely by some magazines to read and gum for fresh breath on the way to your destination. You’ll feel warm and comfy for a long trip, specially if you’re traveling on the holiday seasons rather it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t forget a hollister bag or a American eagle bag so you can put your, charger,I pad,headphones,movies,books and magazines in it and you can put your gum in your purse with your sunglasses and phone. You can definitely bring your bible and the holy bible app to read as well.



Thanksgiving MakeUp And OutFits


Now that it’s fall and thanksgiving is around the corner and the holidays are here, I thought of helping you with what kind of makeup,hairstyles and outfits to wear for thanksgiving. Here are some beautiful ideas for you to make you look beautiful for your turkey day!! You’ll feel beautiful, cozy and full just like your turkey!!! LOL!!! Happy holidays everyone!!!




Youth Group Outfit & Beauty

Hi, if you’re in a youth group or thinking about joining one and you are wondering what kind of makeup, hairstyles and outfits to wear then come and explore my blog. These outfits and makeup and hairstyles are perfect. I love this hairstyle and outfit that’s on the right third picture. I also love this salmon pink , white  and grey plaid,and this purple and red plaid shirt is the perfect colors for autumn. And the hair and makeup in this  third photo on the right is so cute and Demi lovatos and Danielle’s make up and hair is adorable…  and you can totally have a cute braid with all these wonderful makeup and outfits. You can were boots, tennis shoes or slippers if you don’t want tennis shoes.