What To Wear At A Pumpkin 🎃 Patch






Hello Friends :Well it’s October 1st and that means 🎃pumpkins!!! Yay!!!! I love the smell of pumpkin pie. And who doesn’t like going to the pumpkin patch and picking out your pumpkin. This was October,27 2017 and I wore jeans,a pretty purple scarf,a sweater and boots. Purple is one of my favorite colors. On October 19,2018 I went to the Chiropractor in Seattle because I got a stiff neck and I wore this plaid shirt. Again:The black checker board print is everywhere for this year fall. It was great to see my best friend for lunch after the adjustment. Dressing up for this event doesn’t mean fancy. I recommend:Plaid shirts,Jeans or yoga pants, boots or cowgirl boots and sweaters, remember pumpkin patches are enjoyable and casual so girls enjoy your fun field trip and feel,free, be cozy and enjoy yourself picking out your pumpkin. 


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