What To Wear To DisneyLand








Hi Friends:I love going to Disney land. I got to meet Ariel on April 7th 2017. She’s one of my favorite princesses because I have a hard time walking like she does..lol. she’s like some one I look up too. And I love Belle a lot because I do love to read books a lot and I do see the kindness in people like she does. I met rapunzel first time in October 4th and she was very sweet too.  I even met Ariana Grande… hahahahaha just kidding, it’s not Ariana Grande she was just a Disney land visiter who looks like Ariana Grande. She was a very sweet girl. I would love to work there Disney land or Disney world and be a Disney Princess like princess Belle. But mostly work in Disney land because it’s closer to where I live.  The character that I was afraid of was goofy hahahahaha. This is what I wore for the trip to Disney land. I would recommend wearing :tank tops, t shirts , shorts and walking sandals or tennis shoes and you can by t shirts there in the parks. I bought a Cinderella t shirts and my very first Minnie year. I bought them when they had the 60th anniversary.  It’s very hard for me to walk for long walking and you probably all know that walking is a lot of work in Disney land and Disney world ,so I have a wheelchair and it helps a lot for long lines for the rides and parades and fireworks. It makes the trip more enjoyable. I did used my walker once for Disney land and boy it was hard but I liked walking in the park first time.  I’ve been to Disney land a bunch a times but once for Christmas. I loved the Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. I’ve been to Disney world once. I’ve never taken a Disney cruise line. I think that would be fun. So friends:I recommend these outfits and enjoy your Disney vacation!!!

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